Psychiatrist - (Contract Based)

  •  Psychologist -  (Contract Based)
  • ​Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) - Part-time
  • ​License Professional Counselor (LPC) - Part-time
  • ​Health Program Specialist 
  • Medical Biller / Scheduler (Part-time)


Job Readiness Training - Includes but not limited too:

  • Resume Development
  • Job Application Training
  • Job Search Skills Training * Job Follow-up
  • Job Interviewing Skills Training
  • Job Retention Skills Training
  • Self-Esteem * Conflict Resolution
  •  Job Placement / Get and Keep a Job

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Our Vocational Adjustment Training Program is approximately (20) hours. However, services can be purchased in blocks of (2) to (4) Hours. 

Employment CONSULTING Services (2 Hours)

VAT Training (4 Hours)

Job Coaching / Job Readiness

VAT Training (2 Hours)

Your company and its success depend largely on the effective selection of talented and skilled professionals.  We fully understand that.  That’s why we do what we do so well! We consider ourselves effective business partners of our client companies and not just another “consulting service”.  We understand how our performance affects your bottom line


    Get2ten Consulting

  VAT - Complete Program (20 Hour Package)

Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT)

​Life Skills & Wellness

Our VAT Program is a 20 hour intense hands-on program designed to increase the interpersonal skills related to basic worker traits and attitudes necessary to participate in job search activities for individuals with various physical and/or mental disabilities. It is also, designed for those who are under-employer, those returning to the workplace after a prolonged absence and/or those who have been recently incarcerated to be equipped with the tools needed to reach their personal and/or professional "ten" in the workplace.    Below is an outline of training techniques to include but are not limited to:    

  •  Transportation Training (Transportation Choices
  • Daily living skills (skills necessary to function independently, homemaking) 
  • Communication Skills* Goal Setting
  • Time Management (Effective scheduling, understanding the importance of punctuality)
  • Work Traits / Work Ethics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Socially Appropriate Behavior Skills Training
  • Money Management (Understanding of basic budgeting)
  • Self-Concept / Self-Motivation / Self-Esteem
  • Grooming and Hygiene