• ​Heather Tye, RN (Case Management)
  • ​Emma Frazier, LPC
  • ​Lia Hollis, LCSW
  • Dr. Edgar Medina, Psychiatrist
  • Cassandra Hemphill, LPCS
  • ​Angela Radtke, LMSW (Case Management)
  • ​Vangie Devore, MA (Counselor)
  • Sarah Waltz, LMSW (Case Management) 
  • Donna Speeks-Armstrong, Wellness Instructor / Life Coach
  • ​Betty Russell, RN, Retired

Group Counseling

                                           Counseling & Consulting Services

The therapist at Get2ten Consulting are dedicated to helping clients promote the healing and growth of mind, body and spirit of persons and the reconciliation of couples, families and organizations by intergrading  faith traditions and behavioral sciences.

​                                                              Counseling Services Include... 

  • Anger Management
  • Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
  •  Individual, Couple, Family and Group Counseling
  • ​Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Adjustment to Life Transitions
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Preventable Disease Coaching
  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Counseling
  •  Customized Seminars & Wellness Workshops
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) -  In an effort to help clients protect their most valuable asset (their employee) our "Value Added"    EAP Program will help your employees to: Organizing their time, have Successful Blended Families, teach Parenting Skills, assist with Managing Emotions, Managing the Challenges of ADHD, Life Coaching Strategies, Goal Setting, how to deal with Depression / Anxiety and Adjustment to Life Transitions.

                                              Senior Programs

At Get2ten Consulting we offer results for seniors that make a difference. Our "Living Well by

Coaching & Prevention" for SENIORS include, but not limited to:

  • Care Transition Coaching - As seniors move from home to hospital, hospital to nursing home and back, our coach is there on the phone, helping members and their home caregivers stay on track to avoid re-hospitalization.
  • Medication Management  - Many seniors take 5-10 prescriptions as well as over the counter medicines. Our coaches are specially trained to help seniors remember and/or identify lapses in taking their medication and help then develop systems to promote compliance.
  • ​Wellness - Our health and wellness professionals are highly skilled and trained in preventative care education and support. Coaching topics include but are not limited to: Stroke, Weight Loss / Obesity, Diabetes and Stress Management. The goal of Get2ten Wellness is straight forward: to help healthy people stay healthy and optimize health and functional capacity for those with disease.


    Get2ten Consulting

Individual / Family Counseling